Workshop #1 – Drought Resilience Needs in Clear Lake region

Algal bloom episodes and wildfires create major ongoing challenges for the drinking water utilities around Clear Lake. With the help of State Water Board engineer Amy Little and the City of Lakeport Department of Public Works, Paul Harris, our UC Davis research team gathered a group of water utility managers, regional state water agencies, tribal community representative, and community members at the City Hall in Lakeport this morning. We gathered to reflect on the drought impacts, the challenges water systems face, and their needs to move forward in becoming more resilient to future droughts.

A huge thank you to the 20+ people who took over half their day to participate in the workshop discussions. People came from all areas around the Lake, including Cobb Mountain and the Mountain of Attention retreat center close to the Valley Fire in 2016. Stayed tuned for our results and next workshops!